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Share Your Links
Without Any Tracking

Mango Two is a privacy-first, open source URL shortener.
Add the extension to your browser and get started with sharing links without any click tracking.

Why Use Mango Two?

Here are a few reasons why you might want to use Mango Two...



We don't track the clicks on any of the links. So, we don't know when your links have been clicked, or who by.

You can be sure that we aren't selling your data to anyone.


Open Source

The code that we use for creating and handling the short URLs is completely open-source. This means you can see exactly what we're doing with your data.

You can even submit your own features too to improve Mango Two!


Rest API

Mango Two is powered by a superfast API. So, you can build your own integrations if you'd like.

The documentation to use the API is coming soon.

Coming Soon

Browser Extensions

You can add Mango Two directly to your web browser and get started in under 30 seconds.

No signups needed!


Analytics Dashboard

Enable analytics for your links so that you can see when they're clicked.

Coming Soon

QR Codes

Share your short URLs using QR codes. This gives you the flexibility to either share your links as text or as QR codes that can be scanned.

Coming Soon